Trust is the basis from every cooperation

 Your dreams of "sea", sun and beach come true...

We know, the pandemic makes traveling difficult and therefore also the search for a dream property in Egypt. That is why we are personally available and present for you 365 days a year in Hurghada as well as in Frankfurt a. M.. But our service goes much further. We connect two continents. Europe and Africa. The everyday life and the longing for "sea"...

We adapt to these pandemic conditions and design our service offer in a contemporary way but not in a wide range so that we have time to take care of you - our customer.

.beachfront does not live from a broad social media presence, but from the recommendation of our customers. From experience and recognition that cannot be bought.

That's why you can only find our real estate and rental offers on Facebook and impressions on Instagram under beachfront Hurghada and on our homepage. We don't have to be everywhere, but where it matters most - with you - our buyers, sellers and tenants.

Projects like new buildings are available in a small but fine selection, because for us the quality of advice counts, not the mass. We do not want to "not" know what we do. The advice, time for decisions, passion for finding your dream property, our housekeeping in the rental, visits with a coffee that is your .beachfront team.

.beachfront is a fast growing company in Hurghada and was born from many experiences, but also from a deep love and feeling of connection to Egypt. We maintain a trustful and very personal relationship with all our business partners and that is what makes .beachfront stand out. Accessibility, communication and a cooperation based on trust and appreciation. Yes, we also only cook with water, but with good ingredients and we stay humble. Our core business takes place in Hurghada, not all over the country or all over the Red Sea. We love Hurghada and stand behind "our city"....

.beachfront has a face. Our founder and leader in Hurghada, Mr. Ibrahim and the whole team that is always working behind the scenes.

The whole team is proud to be a part of .beachfront and everyone gives their best for "their" company. We all feel part of this company and it is "our baby".

This close cooperation of the whole .beachfront team makes both our rental service, but also our services around selling and buying a property on the Red Sea something we call a trustful cooperation with our clients. We are also there for our customers long after the signing of the sales contract, taking care of the renovation, security and interim rental of your property together with you.

The entire .beachfront team is looking forward to meeting you!

Your home in Egypt

There for you 365 day a year, 7 days a week, 12 hours a day

Together. You ask, we answer. Fast, reliable and personal

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.beachfront is an expression of an attitude towards life and our philosophy...

The whole .beachfront team loves what we do and also our city - Hurghada. You have fixed contact persons in Germany and Egypt. We will take care of any of your questions and you can reach us personally at any time. Our strength... You ask, we answer! No waiting days for feedback, no unanswered inquiries. Personal and prompt! Fast and direct during the day!

And we know that many find their first contact with us through social media, but you and we want more. We want to advise you personally, be there and value you to make your dream of home ownership or vacation on the Red Sea come true. Personal, direct and completely tailored to your personal needs. No matter how long it takes until we have found the right thing for you.

Real estate is an investment, monetarily and temporally and the fulfillment of a life dream is much more than selling you something that you can get somewhere else...

We would like to thank all our clients for their trust, for every recommendation, for their patience and for the fun in our work that we would not have without them. And of course to you as a .beachfront "beginner", if you find your way to us. We appreciate this trust, welcome you to our .beachfront team and will give everything to fulfill your dream of a property or vacation on the Red Sea. You are welcome in Hurghada and at .beachfront.

.beachfront real estate

One Team - One Goal

One founder - One team - Our strength
An idea was born and a team grew. We are proud of what we have achieved together.
Everyone in my team has their strengths and we work hand in hand in trust and with full commitment for .beachfront. Loyalty and appreciation characterize our team and is also our corporate philosophy. Our corporate culture is what our customers feel and we pursue a common goal, because together we can get closer to your wish. A property at the Red Sea.
I am glad that you are with us. Welcome to .beachfront real estate
Ibrahim A. Mahmoud


14 Years of Experience


Lived corporate culture - with and for each other

The love to our work and what our customers appreciate about our company is what makes .beachfront it is. A Red Sea lifestyle. Sea, salt and sun in the air....

Loyalty, appreciation and a common goal are the basis for our work as a team. Together with owners, buyers and tenants. Not only we employees trust each other, are a team and work together to meet the needs of our customers.

Sustainable relationships between clients and .beachfront are the most important thing when there are many thousands of kilometers between owner and property. For everyone who decides to buy a property in Egypt we want to create a sustainable added value.

We stick to our company philosophy and manage a limited and controlled social media presence. We strive to show what we have. You see what you want to see during your viewing with us and we do not make a political statement, but an ethical one. We prepare conscientiously for your viewing appointment, keep our online listings up to date and our promotional efforts effective, and follow fixed workflows that also ensure the necessary flexibility for you and your needs. We ensure the quality of our work according to our own standards and combine German and Egyptian mentality and possibilities.

.beachfront attaches great importance to transparency. No hidden sales practices towards the seller or buyer. We do not create intermediate contracts to increase our commission and are only intermediaries in, during and after a sale or purchase. We charge a maximum 5% commission per sale, which is our earnings. This is either paid in full by the seller, shared by seller and buyer or in rare cases just passed on to the buyer. This pricing policy is consistently lived and is transparent and comprehensible for both seller and buyer and can be seen in all documents. This also includes that you receive all information from us and that we disclose our documents upon request of both parties. A matter of trust!

Our rules and our basis of any work is - trust!
Therefore, we are happy to meet many customers over a long time again. To be a contact person and to be able to help to arrive in Hurghada and at the Red Sea.

Our corporate design is reduced to what makes the Red Sea and many properties on the Red Sea so unique. They are .beachfront and this location expresses the basis of our company philosophy. Straightforward, open and to the point - .beachfront -.

Our lettering is an expression of what makes our work unique. We live and work beachfront to the Red Sea - in Hurghada. For us there is no more beautiful feel-good place. The vastness of the sea and the desert, the turquoise of the water, the sun and the wind make the Red Sea coast a distinctive and unique place to live. We love to work here and are not looking for maximum performance and maximum profit, but for maximum satisfaction for our customers.

All this makes us grow, for our employees, customers and business partners. Connecting Europe and Africa and bringing people together and being respectful and sustainable in our relationships, for the people who work and live with and for .beachfront is our goal.

Our logo is an expression of our love for what makes our work unique. A counterpart of land and sea - beachfront in fact...

We for you - you with us - together we are an unbeatable team

Our work for you...

We are strong in a team!
4 eyes see more than 2!
Trust is good, control is better!

Don't just trust your instincts, trust only all your instincts + safety net.
Do not do anything in Egypt that you would not do in Europe.

But uncertainties remain and some things run differently in Egypt than in Europe.
Right, you are in a foreign country, in a foreign culture and hear a foreign language.

The purchase of a property at the Red Sea is often a monetary existential decision. You give your hard earned money out of your hand and want security. Understandable. And for your reassurance - a real estate purchase can also be very relaxed in Egypt.

But let's be honest: even we, who work here every day, experience one or the other surprise, now and then and even if nothing goes wrong - they are surprises after all....

We live and work here and that's why we make sure your money gets where it's supposed to go - An investment in your Red Sea property without personal disasters.

We are your safety net and our lawyer is your double bottom. In any case, a better feeling than being in free fall....

Short speech, long sense: Together is still better than alone, in this case in every respect!