Al Ahyaa

Al Ahyaa

Al Ahyaa District Hurghada is a quiet and safe residential area, suitable for families with children.
Its gradually developing into a much larger area. It is located in the north of Hurghada, sandwiched between Hurghada City and El Gouna.
You can easily reach El Gouna town and Hurghada city by car, taxi or microbus within 10 minutes. Experience and enjoy the hustle and bustle at both these locations with the crowded streets and busy roads, but a good feeling of mixed cultures and diversity.
Al Ahyaa has some amazing hotels for families or couples only. Hotels with Aquaparks, and in the section between the hotels and resorts, you will find the free beaches to access.
Al Ahyaa is also a hotspot for kiters. With approximately 5 different kitesurfing schools in the area.

Bestway supermarket...... which is really well stocked also with import articles.

Take a rest at one of the many cafes and restaurants.

The real estate offer in Al Ahyaa is broadly set up. From affordable housing to luxurious villas with private pools, Al Ahyaa offers everything a property owner could wish for. Affordable and down to earth, this is how the northern district of Hurghada comes along...and charms its visitors with charm and a large portion of being happy.

The perfect resort for discerning property owners and investors.