Cairo New Capital

Cairo New Capital

New Cairo City - Al Rehab and Madinaty

Al Rehab is the first purely residential city in Egypt initiated by private investors that will have a comprehensive infrastructure to meet all the living needs of its residents and is being built in such a short period of time that it will take your breath away. Part of an incredible 10 million m2 Egyptian government project, it is part of New Cairo and will provide housing for 200,000 residents. When completed, the city will include ten neighborhoods and can truly be described as "ambitious."

Each neighborhood located there offers two types of housing: single-family houses and apartments. All infrastructure facilities are interconnected in the ten different districts and include educational, medical, retail, sports, recreational and service facilities. The residential city of Madinaty, which is still under construction, will provide modern living for 600,000 residents on an area of 36 million m2 and all the necessary infrastructure facilities will be developed and realized simultaneously.

In addition to its residential areas, New Cairo also includes the American University of Cairo, the German University of Cairo, the British University in Egypt and several French and international schools. Since there are no industrial settlements, it is hoped that "New Cairo" will relieve the pressure on the capital city of Cairo by providing a better quality of life and healthier living conditions. In order to promote the quality of life and also the work-life balance, New Cairo is surrounded by an extensive green belt and countless leisure activities are intended to increase the appeal of leaving the completely overcrowded metropolis of Cairo.

Al Rehab was developed and built by Egypt's largest real estate developer, Talaat Moustafa Group Holding. Madinaty's well-thought-out and detailed overall concept is the result of a collaboration between three leading American design firms: HHCP, SWA and Sasaki. The result is a modern city whose design is aimed at meeting all the present and future needs of its residents and visitors and, like Al Rehab, offering a healthy alternative to Old Cairo.

Thus, not only will single-family homes and apartments be found here, but also extensive green spaces, golf courses, hospitals, business centers, hotels, educational institutions, and sports, social and entertainment facilities. The city, which acts as a modern extension to New Cairo, will offer water sports areas, shopping centers and various educational facilities on the outskirts of the city, which will also be addressed to residents of surrounding cities and Greater Cairo.

Madinaty is located on the link from Cairo to Suez. It is about a 10-minute drive from Heliopolis and 20 minutes from downtown Cairo. So actually a stone's throw if you apply European standards.

New Cairo, with an area of about 30,000 hectares, is located on the southeastern edge of Cairo Governorate, 25 kilometers from Maadi. It is one of the new cities built in and around Cairo to alleviate congestion in the city center, according to the government's wishes.

There is a lot on offer: Countless activities and ways to spend your free time, go out to eat, visit universities and live. New Cairo has a number of advantages. It is a place where you can lead the lifestyle you like, without restrictions from the crowded big city with millions of inhabitants. The distances are shorter, the infrastructure is new and you can, with the necessary income, create your lifestyle in a luxury environment
In the end, New Cairo City is a new way and an alternative to live in the haze of Cairo without having to give up the proximity to Old Cairo.

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