Makadi Heights

Makadi Heights

Makadi Heights is located south of Hurghada and the bay Makadi Bay adjacent to Sahl Hasheesh is one of the most beautiful places in the vicinity of the big city Hurghada. The bay and also Makadi Heights has its fans...and not without reason.

It offers with short distances and in a relatively small area with still or again intact beautiful reefs so many opportunities for snorkeling and diving. Yes, here really a vacation dream comes true. The crystal clear turquoise waters of the sea, excellent diving schools and the fascinating underwater world make you happy and the colors of the desert hit you right in the heart. Many people are in love with this bay and we can understand it.

One enjoys the proximity to Hurghada, but feels like being on an "island" of contentment if one shies away from long distances to the south of the country for personal reasons.

Makadi Heights is being developed by Orascom (El Gouna). An opportunity for those who want to stay and live longer in the bay to acquire residential property and live a really quiet life there. The small town is rather quiet in nature. Perhaps a lively community will develop in the next few years, but the second phase of construction now underway is too young to keep up with the bustling lifestyles of El Gouna or Hurghada. Perhaps intentional, but certainly not permanent.

What is certain is that the sunrises in the bay are among the most beautiful we have ever seen. How often does one get up voluntarily at 5 o'clock in the morning to experience this? Often, we can promise. Here this natural spectacle is so special and why, you can not explain in the end, only experience. Magical and of such beauty that you wish it would not end.

Makadi Heights is growing. But still it is a small manageable town with cafes, restaurant, banks, a Bestway and everything you need for daily life. Occasional events and the coziness of the small center of Makadi Heights exude coziness and are manageable. Just a bit more private, smaller and more reserved than the urban environment or the much larger Sahl Hasheesh.

If you like it a bit smaller, quieter and more private, Makadi Heights is the place for you. If snorkeling and diving are important to you, you will find the best conditions here without having to go by boat. For us a luxury that can hardly be described.

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