Soma Bay

Soma Bay

Soma Bay Is a peninsula of about ten million square meters within sight of Safaga, south of Hurghada and a pearl of the Red Sea, developed with love for the reduced and compressed.

The sun and the Red Sea give the resort the energy and fullness of passion for this land.

In the middle of the desert stands an island, surrounded by white sandy beaches in the south and in contrast to this are the beautiful coral reefs in the "rough" north. One looks for hotel castles here in vain. Soma Bay is harmony for body and soul. Time to relax. But also active vacationers find here in the golf club, in the Kite House or with the diving a balance to the sweet idleness. The resort's thalasso spa is the largest on the Red Sea, and the visual accents in the resort are classic elegance and restraint.

The dry winds of the Arabian Desert and low humidity define Soma Bay's climate. Here you will find pleasant winter temperatures that feel like spring for Europeans. Even in summer, temperatures hardly rise above 35 degrees.

Just under 5 hours of flight time separate Europe from the Egyptian paradise and to the airport is a relaxing time to arrive or say goodbye. Luxor and other ancient sites can be reached in under 3 hours by car.
All residences in Soma Bay follow the philosophy of ultimate boutique destinations with direct beachfront location and in the offer you can find studios, apartments in almost all sizes and exceptional villas directly on the sea. The resort leaves nothing to be desired. We are sure, here you will find your second home if you are looking for one and most likely you will never want to return to your everyday life.

Soma Breeze, Mesca, Reef Town, Wadi Jebal, Bay West and Bay Central are just some of the projects Soma Bay is building and developing for residents. All in one hand and yet each resort section has its own face.

Soma Bay awakens feelings and you have arrived on "your island" of happiness.