Off-market real estate is something special. Not only because our clients want discretion, but also because it is quite common in Egypt that everybody is allowed to sell real estate. It is unfortunately not like in Germany, where you have to prove a qualification and no financial need to be allowed to work in this sensitive market. Of course we all work to make a profit, but the examination of whether you are allowed to offer and sell real estate in Germany follows strict criteria before you get a license and approval and that is good. We are happy that one or the other colleague in Hurghada follows our ideas to establish something of the European market in Egypt, however, we would also like to say that a successful activity in this demanding sector is not only based on experience, but also on education and social steadfastness.

Many of our partners who enjoy our confidence and we yours, have selected real estate offers and luxury properties in your portfolio, which for various reasons discreetly and not publicly marketed. The owners have an exclusive claim or you are looking for exactly this special property? They want discretion and absolute protection of their privacy or the property should be protected from speculation? Then you are exactly right here! You are looking for serious and solvent customers? Use our off-market pool.

To make this search efficient and focused we offer the *Off-market* VIP Service.

You as an interested buyer have been searching the Red Sea real estate market for a long time and you know exactly what you are looking for, but you can't find it? You would like to have access to confidential information of renowned partners on the Red Sea. Then take advantage of our qualified buyer mandate...the equivalent of the off-market pool if you have successfully applied.

Welcome to the VIP area of .beachfront. We will convince you and by applying for this "Inner Circle" you will not only have secured the possibility of a personal service by your consultant, but you will also have saved yourself a viewing marathon.

Your "Property Manager" is available for you from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and is always THE link between the prospective buyer and you as the seller.

A sale in the off-market pool takes time. A quick sale is more of a coincidence than a real expectation. Seller and buyer have to be brought together. Before we publish the exposé, we subject the prospective buyer to a detailed examination to see if the parameters match. Only then do we bring the object and the prospective buyer together. 

Note/Disclaimer for off-market and VIP-Service

The mediation over our off-market pool should have at least a term of 6 months or indefinitely to approach the goal successfully.

The VIP .beachfront service offers you an exclusive service through the sustained research and mediation of off-market properties. These are only available for selected customers and interested parties of our VIP pool. Since the operational and also logistic effort for the personal support in the VIP .beachfront Service is very complex and a sustainable consultation is very important to us and follows strict quality criteria, we take the liberty to charge a service fee of 1.8% of the total purchase price (but at least 500€) for a successful mediation of a property within the scope of your exclusive "VIP .beachfront Service". This additional service fee will be invoiced separately within the framework of a successful property brokerage and after your signature of the purchase contract and will be shown accordingly. It is independent of the usual buyer's or seller's commission that may be charged.