You want to buy...but ask yourself the question "how do I actually do that, that my real estate purchase does not go in the pants? And how can I be sure that everything is correct and legal? Voila...use our document service

In Egypt, so many things are different than here in Germany. Real estate sales in EU countries follow clear structures and even if you don't expect it with the mess in Egypt. They do here, too. Again and again, there is talk of a green contract. Again and again there is talk that nothing else matters. But there are still many intermediate steps to get there, which do not make a property illegal, if the "green slip" is still missing. And is really green...

If you are not sure if your dream property is legal, what steps can and should be taken due to the planned change in the law of §35 in 2023 we are here for you. 

Important: Not every property without green contract is illegal...but a guarantor that it is legal is only possible by an independent examination of the documents. Evidence of any old tax charges or electricity and water costs are essential. For this we have our lawyers and for this we have the .beachfront VIP document service.

So if you would like to have your dream property put through its paces, commission us and place your trust in us.  

We have put together various packages for you, which we will be happy to present and explain to you personally in detail. Our service goes far beyond this brief description and we would like to give you only a rough overview

1. check-up of documents before purchase via our company lawyer in Egypt.
2. document check-up via a German - Egyptian law firm in Germany .
3. document check-up, purchase contract (Russian, German, English <->Arabic) and green contract via our company lawyer in Egypt.
4. document review, purchase contract (English, German <-> Arabic) and green contract via German-Egyptian law firm in Germany.

Translation of all contract documents from Arabic to all languages possible in Egypt or Germany. We are also happy to transfer the documents to a translation agency in Germany. Price on request.

Purchase transactions and document translation from Egypt to Europe on request.

Of course we also take care of meter changes, official procedures and the administration of your property. We will gladly give you information about our service package and calculate the costs.

Of course, we can also offer the service of "keyholder" for owners who do not want to leave their apartment key somewhere. 

All these offers are not dependent on a real estate purchase at .beachfront. We are your partner as soon as you are a property owner and will be happy to make you an individual offer, from a cleaning before arrival to a full service around your dream property in Egypt.